The Rex Barton Story - Rex Barton Autobiography

The Rex Barton Story - Rex Barton Autobiography

The Rex Barton Story - (Rex Barton Autobiography)

The Rex Barton Story is published on its own website.

This story is a work of Non-Fiction.  It is an autobiography of a very young boy nicknamed "Hawk" who grew up in spite of what life’s challenges threw at him.  The Rex Barton Story is about the choices in life that all of us must make at some point, be they right or wrong.  

Unfortunately, little Rex "Hawk" Barton was not able to ask a parent, Which fork in the road do I take? He didn’t have a responsible mother or father to go to and ask such questions.  There were many, many stepfathers (not all good) as you will read.  I suppose you could say Hawk’s maternal grandparents were the most influential and stable adults in his life, even though they had their dysfunctions.

In his narrative fashion, Hawk weaves the interactions he had with angelic beings through his young life, while enduring abuse at the hands of many.  Hawk, the protagonist, learned to hide his outward fears, which dominated his early life.  However, those fears at one point had to be surrendered to God, because he could no longer suppress them down. 

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